About Me

Who am I?

In short, I'm Clinton Mathew, however I don't think that simple of an answer would suffice. I was born in the small town of Van Wert located in northwest Ohio. My loving and supportive family consisted of a mother, father and two sisters (as well as a few dogs along the way). Right after high school, I started college at The Ohio State University and finished at IPFW (a branch of Purdue University), obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics.

While I was going to college, I had the idea for The Last Descendant pop into my head, but I was so busy with my studies that I never had time to devote to writing. During my senior year of college I met a girl named Lindsay Lopez and a Olive Garden/movie date bloomed into a loving marriage on October 14th, 2017. Lindsay has been such a foundational support for my writing and even helped with some of the editing of my first book.


I would like to say that I wrote the book the day I was free from school, but that was not the case. After school, I landed a job as a software developer, a job that I still have and thoroughly enjoy to this day. I've always prided myself as being a hardworker and putting forward my best effort toward any job that I have. Because I was heavily focused on the learning process, my endeavor to write a novel was a gradual and arduous one.

So why begin a career in writing? Any writer will tell you the joy and sensation in creating an entirely new world just by use of a pen and paper. It creates a portal from this world to one that I've created, that millions of other authors have created, and one that you can create as well.