A New Home

Parable Poetry Part 4

Over the next few posts, I'm going to be changing the pace of this blog. I'm starting a series I'm titling Parable Poetry. In every post, you'll find a poem that has some sort of higher representation. These poems could symbolize something that's happened in my own life, or it could represent something that we all experience at some point in our lives, or it could dive into an abstract idea that we haven't thought of before. All of the poems can be found by clicking here.

A New Home

I've found a new home,
a world unlike any I've ever seen.
I rolled the dice and risked my life.
I've flown through the stars.

After my feet sunk into the untouched soil,
I felt the effects of being an alien.
Animals gave me suspicious glares,
they knew I didn't belong.

My lungs strained to inhale the thin air.
The heavy gravity pushed mightily on my shoulders.
Despite the grueling changes
my body endured, my body adapted.

On this planet, I'm the only of my kind.
My survival is my own responsibility.
I've parted from my comfort and solace.
From the turmoil will emerge a new home.


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