A Change of Seasons

A Change of Seasons

I'm going to be perfectly honest with all you readers, I do the least amount of writing this time of year. After being trapped indoors all winter long, trying to protect myself from the haunting, bitter air, I deeply desire to breathe in the fresh fumes of spring. In the midwest, the spring and summer seasons are the times when one needs to make the most out of the wonderful weather. Anyone who has lived in the heartlands of the U.S.A. can tell you how brutal and endless the winters are. But following every winter is the wonderful spring. This is the time of year that I love to go for runs, ride my bike, play disc golf, and take my puppy on a walk, which I'm sure he enjoys as well. Needless to say, the last thing I want to do is bar myself indoors, away from the fresh air.

Even though I don't write very much during the seasons of agreeable weather, that doesn't mean that I'm not growing as a writer. You see, a writer doesn't need a pen and paper, they only need to observe the world around them. In my writing, I think it's crucial for the reader to fully experience the world being created by the words in my books. All of the reader's senses need to be engaged. The reader needs to be an intricate part of the fictional world in the book. Wondrous sights need to be seen inside the mind, gentle aromas need to be smelled, different textures need to be felt, and sounds need to be heard. I rely upon the spring and summer to give me new inspiration for portraying the large array of sensations we can experience.

Most of us don't give our senses a second thought because we rely upon them so heavily throughout our daily lives and they very seldom let us down. The five senses of the human body are a wonder to behold, though. First of all, it's amazing that our body can absorb everything around us. Our eyes can take the vast assortment of colors of the world around us, we can smell the free air of spring and the blooming flowers, our skin can feel the sunlight that is thawing our bones which were frozen by the cruel winter. It's not enough for our bodies to absorb these sensations, though. The second miracle that takes place is the process of our bodies converting these sensations into interpretations. When we feel the spring's sunlight, our brains process the feelings emanate happiness through the rest of our body.

Growing as a writer means paying close attention to the thoughts that are generated by the environment around us. In my opinion, seeing the different wonders of the world is just as important as writing. Our experiences can build our vocabulary, they can add to the library that's in our minds. Every new town we visit, every landmark we see, every step we take into the unknown adds a new book to that library. In my opinion, I think I grow more as a writer during the nicer weather, even though I don't do any writing. It gives me a chance to step away from the pen and paper and fully take in everything that's happening around me.

The truly wonderful thing is that this process can take place throughout the course of our everyday lives. Certainly, expanding our horizons and seeing places we've never been to before will only help in our quest to become the writer we envision ourselves to be, but an author truly has everything he/she needs already. Everything that an author needs to develop an elaborate story is right before them, all that's needed is to pay closer attention.


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