The Process of Writing

Destinations of Inspiration

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to travel and venture to new places throughout the world. It's one of the many things my wife, Lindsay, and I have in common. We both aspire to learning new things, exploring new environments, meeting new types of people. Doing so is a great way to fully experience the world around us and appreciate its complex diversity. Growing up in Ohio, there are several landmarks throughout the great Midwestern state, but not exactly greatest amount of diversity, which is why I've discovered that its so important to travel to places I've never been before.

I've made several trips to Orlando, Washington D.C., Rochester, Atlantic City, just to name a few. In my home state of Ohio, you'll find plains as flat as a sheet of paper, vast fields of beans and corn, and forests riddled with critters and insects. The summers are hot and humid, the winters are miserably cold with gusts that can pierce through any coat, but the spring and fall are indescribably immaculate. Ohio is a completely different world from Florida, where it's summertime nearly the entire year, or in the frozen tundra of northern Minnesota.

Novels and movies that are centered around space exploration and encountering new planets and galaxies have always astounded me. There are only a handful of individuals on the face of this Earth that have traveled into space, and an even smaller number of people who have to set foot on the moon. Yet, these authors are able to use the world they've experienced for themselves and morph it into something original and unique. They're able to create universes entirely from what their senses have embraced.

Seeing many of these places has definitely helped me in my stories. An important part of writing being able to fully dive into one's senses. Telling a story involves describing what is heard, what is seen, what is felt, what is smelt, and what is tasted. The entire point of writing is to create an as aesthetic experience, for the reader and myself. Every world that an author creates, all the characters that an author conjures, everything you read in a book is a mesh of things that are already in existence in our own world. A new world cannot be created if it hasn't been experienced.


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