Parable Poetry Part 2

Over the next few posts, I'm going to be changing the pace of this blog. I'm starting a series I'm titling Parable Poetry. In every post, you'll find a poem that has some sort of higher representation. These poems could symbolize something that's happened in my own life, or it could represent something that we all experience at some point in our lives, or it could dive into an abstract idea that we haven't thought of before. All of the poems can be found by clicking here.


Walking in a crowd, I see a million faces,
each containing a story to tell,
each containing the barraging struggles of a life,
each desperately hoping avoid contact with my wandering eyes.

With all the faces I see, I can't understand them.
I can absorb their features, memorize their peculiarities.
Recall their expressions, or lack thereof.
But I see nothing at all.

I see the distinguished features of a women who passes by.
The bruises and scars are hidden from view,
burning tears from pain ridden nights are locked to her eyes.
Even with all her pain, she is faceless.

I see a young man swiftly pass by my side.
He suppresses the joy and relief of his college graduation,
as well as the crushing weight of his debt,
and the lack of a job to make ends meet.

Thousands of stories rush by.
They're not for me to read, though.
Among the millions of moving parts, there's one thing to see.
A unified faceless body.


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