Parable Poetry Part 1

Over the next few posts, I'm going to be changing the pace of this blog. I'm starting a series I'm titling Parable Poetry. In every post, you'll find a poem that has some sort of higher representation. These poems could symbolize something that's happened in my own life, or it could represent something that we all experience at some point in our lives, or it could dive into an abstract idea that we haven't thought of before.


The boat rocks, the water splashes, the sun burns my face,
the salty air cements my despair.
No screams will be heard, no signals will be seen, no smoke will be smelled.
Isolation is paired with my damnation.

Days ago, I left the land to find a world of peace.
Nagging, nuisance, and gripe tugged on my weary mind.
I only wanted a moment, a brief instance of relief,
to clear my jumbled mind.

A sunset had passed and a sunrise had come,
the time to leave had arrived.
I looked to land and heard the carping voices.
Then I looked to sea and heard the silence; I stayed for one day more.

In the morning, the boat tossed this way and that.
My body thrashed about, at the mercy of a vicious storm.
The wind howled like a wolf, the rain stung like needles.
Through the chaos, my boat did survive.

When I awoke, the air was calm, the ocean was still.
I looked to the land, but there was none to be found.
Everywhere I turned, an endless realm of blue endured.
I was lost at sea.

Isolation was what I sought, it was what I craved.
Now I miss the nagging, I miss the carping, I miss the sounds.
In this world, there are no voices, only crashing waves.
On this boat, my only mate is isolation.


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