Parable Poetry Part 3

Over the next few posts, I'm going to be changing the pace of this blog. I'm starting a series I'm titling Parable Poetry. In every post, you'll find a poem that has some sort of higher representation. These poems could symbolize something that's happened in my own life, or it could represent something that we all experience at some point in our lives, or it could dive into an abstract idea that we haven't thought of before. All of the poems can be found by clicking here.


As a boy grows older, he knows no authority.
He's given commands, given instructions, given ultimatums.
The boy is a puppet.
The world holds his strings.

The boy tells himself that he believes,
that he should accept the words he hears,
that he shouldn't suspect the lies,
but in his heart, he knows the truth.

The fake smiles are haunting,
the empty handshakes are meaningless.
A place of comfort and friendship is corrupted,
it's now a hostile arena of judgment.

The boy's mind is shattered.
Family, friends, everyone,
they don't see what he plainly sees,
their beliefs contradict his vision.


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