Starting From Nothing

Young Mistakes

Races are often determined by where you start. A promising beginning can often lead to a competitive race where you’re driven to beat the competition, or at least come close to doing so. If you slip up and fall at the start, you could very easily find yourself in an uphill struggle or you could lose all motivation to push all the way to the front of the pack. Now, the beginning to the race doesn’t always present us with a guarantee to the ending, but it can prove to be a very strong indicator. Why bring this up? Because I want to talk about the beginnings of our lives and that impacts where the rest of our days take us.

We have absolutely no control over where we begin our lives. I wish I could say something more comforting, but I'd be lying. On the day we're born, we have absolutely no say in what family or situation we're born into. Whether we inherit a disease from our ancestors, or whether we're the child of an estranged father, or whether we're born into a family that's rich or poor, there's nothing any of us can do to change how our lives start. A never-ending debate could be had regarding the question of who or what determines the starting point of all the beings in the universe. Some would argue that everything we do throughout the entirety of our days, including the beginning of our lives, is predetermined by a higher authority or deity, others could argue that everything that happens in the universe is a random sequence of events, therefore no one controls what situation we're born into, and there are also people who are perfectly content with not knowing the answer and simply focus on what they can do with the present.

In this post, I want to focus on the latter of the three arguments. Partially I'm willing to admit that I honestly have no idea who is in charge of our lives (I have my personal beliefs, but no empirical proof to back them up), and partially because I think the inception of our lives closely tie in with writing of all kinds. As far as economic classes are concerned, my parents were in the middle of the pack. There were families who had much less than mine did and there were families who also had much more to their name. Regardless, I still view my childhood as being blessed because I grew up in a loving family, all my needs were provided for, and I was given most of the luxuries that any other Midwestern boy would want throughout his adolescence. That was the beginning of my life, but what about the present? Well, I've always had the mentality that I am the master of my own fate. With the my family's unyielding support and my strong desire to live a successful life, I now have a great job, a wonderful wife, and a hobby that I love.

When it comes to writing, whether it be writing fiction, nonfiction, biographies, etc., I view writing as a baby being born without a cent to its name. When starting with a piece of writing, all that exists in the beginning is the pen and paper. When a story starts from nothing, it waits for the author to take it to its final destination.


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