The Mansion - Chapter 6

The Mansion

Chapter 6:Taking the First Step

The path to my escape was laid before me, it was almost too easy. Then, I realized it was. If the others weren't still knocked out from the anesthetics, they would be roaming freely throughout the mansion, searching for me, like a lion searches its prey. I needed to be faster, smarter, and quieter than those who hunted me. That would be my only hope of escape, my only hope of making it out of the mansion alive. I was always one of the fastest girls on the soccer team, which played into my hand that night. However, there was one advantage that everyone else possessed over me: I had no idea where I was. I could've been pinned in the cellar deep beneath the mansion, or I could've been packed away in an attic on the upper levels, or anywhere in between. Mindlessly wandering throughout the mansion would end in my life, I needed a sense of where I was and what direction I needed to head in.

I looked around the room, searching for any sense of direction, a window, perhaps, but there was nothing to be found. There was only cluttered junk