What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Clearly, the human race is capable of accomplishing astounding feats. Just within the past few centuries, we've explored parts of the earth that were previously untouched, we've reached monumental scientific discoveries that have changed the interactions of the world, and we've even expanded our horizons by learning more about the universe around us. For the individuals who work in the scientific community, or those who are involved in professional or international sporting events, or those who strive be a world leader, their motivation is obvious: They want to be the best in their respective fields. What about the common folk, though? What about the individuals who don't get the recognition that others do? Obviously, we each have something or someone who motivates us, because although our successes aren't as displayed as others, that doesn't mean they're nonexistent. For those who think they have nothing that motivates them, perhaps this post can serve as a tool to find that source of motivation.

Before we explore places where we can find motivation, we need to address a more important question: Why should do we need to be motivated? If you truly think about it, none of us have to do anything. We don't have to go to school, we don't have to go to work, we don't have to mow our yards, or take our dogs for a walk, or exercise, or watch our favorite television show. Heck, we don't even have to get out of our own beds if we don't want to. So why bother? What's the point of doing all of the previously mentioned activities? To be completely honest, that depends on each individual person. For some people, we shoot for certain goals because of religious expectations, or because we want to bring pride into the eyes of someone we care about, or because we want to find more ways to acquire money, wealth, or value. In my humble opinion, these aren't the most effective sources of motivation, though. If you truly want to figure out what drives you and find the activities that you must do every single day, then you must look inwardly.

Once again, this drifts back to each individual person. What motivates one person may not mean anything to the person standing beside them. Some of you may say to yourself, "I don't know what motivates or how I can find things to motivate myself." This may not be the answer that a lot of you want to hear, but it's the truth: You need to expand your horizons. It may be uncomfortable and it may be awkward, but it's the only way to reach the final resolution. To those who are desperately searching for that hidden source of happiness: you have to go to places you've never gone before. I know this because I've fully experienced it. I've gone to places that were out of my comfort zone, met people who had absolutely nothing in common with me. At times, I remembered thinking to myself, "What the hell am I doing here?" That's all part of the process, though. There would be no point in searching for our motivations if they weren't hidden.

Now, let's assume that you do know what your sources of motivation are and they're a large part of your everyday life. What's the point of having them? Is there truly a point to all the things that we do throughout our lives, or are we just distracting our minds from the fact that another day has seamlessly passed by? Obviously, the latter of the two is quite grim and depressing, so I think most people would like to believe that there truly is a rhyme and reason to why we do what we do. In parallel, I don't think there's a concrete way of describing why something motivates us. None of us can objectively explain why we do or don't believe in a divine entity, why we flock to a certain crowd of people, why we hold firm to the plethora of different routines we perform time after time. It's an innate feeling that makes our brains say, "Yes. This is right."


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